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Local Hunting Guide and Pricing 

The following hunting guide and pricing are for local (South African Citizens) guests.

Hunting rules and regulations

  • A Professional Hunter (PH) is provided by Sebaka to accompany hunters during the hunt (non- negotiable) - PH will make final decision on animal/s to shoot with instructions from the owner.

  • Animal/s will be paid for once the hunt is completed

  • Included in the cost is skinning and freezing of carcass. Carcasses will be cut into large portions for transportation.
    Sebaka is not responsible for the slicing or processing of any meat 
    hunted by guests.

  • Transport arrangements will be made for carcasses on completion of hunt, guest are to either collect their meat from Sebaka or arrangements can be made for collection in Benoni (transportation costs will apply)

  • Maximum 5 hunters per hunting vehicle/s



All rules and regulations are to be adhered to all all times and there are no exceptions.

Guests are welcome to bring and use their own rifles and ammunition, however Sebaka is to be notified before hand.

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